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Service Options and Policies

No Plan

Even if you choose not to join Casa Integration Managed Services, you're still a Casa Integration client, and we take your satisfaction seriously.  You'll always get a timely response from us, whatever the issue.


  • FIrst 30 days:  no charges for any support issues

  • After 30 days:  our regular service rates apply ($140/hour, with a minimum charge of $70).

Basic:  $140/year


Welcome to Knowing.


With our Basic plan, you'll no longer be in the dark regarding your home's Internet connection.  Plus, for the products we supply and install, if anything goes wrong and it's still under the manufacturer's warranty, there's no charge for having us take care of it.


  • Self-service monitoring, reporting, and management (use password 1234) - you'll (optionally) receive instant notifications via email and/or text when your Internet service is not working or is severely degraded. 

  • Our comprehensive reporting tools will show you if you're getting the performance you are paying for. ​

  • First 30 days:  no charges for any support issues

  • After 30 days, there will be no service charges for resolving issues with Casa Integration-installed products, for the duration of the manufacturer warranties.

Premiere:  $960/year


Welcome to Knowing.  And welcome to us keeping an eye on things for you.


With Premiere, we actively monitor and manage your home's broadband connection to the Internet, as well as your internal network, including WiFi.  Plus, the included tune-ups and on-demand support/service will keep things dialed in. 


Premiere is our Basic package at left, plus:


  • Casa Integration monitors and manages your Internet and WiFi connectivity, via our superior, enterprise-grade and cloud-based monitoring and management system.

  • If you wish, you can choose to be notified via email or text in the event of Internet or WiFi issues - but we'll notify you regardless if we can't fix the issue remotely.

  • Free quarterly tune-ups:  we'll update firmware, etc. to ensure optimal performance.

  • Secondary 4G Internet connection option (requires 4G coverage and service) - a back-up Internet connection so you're always online.

  • Four hours of on-demand support or any other technical service from us.

  • Multiple properties:  we'll provide Managed Services for up to 3 of your homes




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