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What We Do

WiFi, built-in music throughout your home, Internet-integrated micro-thin TV's, home control apps, structured wiring, etc.  Many people building a new home or remodeling an existing one want these things and more.  But how?  And with whom?


Over the past 15 years, Casa Integration has worked with clients with budgets of all sizes, on projects that may last one day or several years.  From adding a new flat panel TV with surround sound in your great room, to comprehensive design/build services for even the largest of residential projects, we have a refreshingly professional, transparent approach that makes it all easy.


Please contact us and we'll explain how we help to make home technology a pleasure, not a frustration.

We can help you with:

Infrastructure:  making sure your home has the correct wiring for today's (and tomorrow's) home technology


Phones, Internet, WiFi, and Cable/Satellite:   we make sure all of the basics are there in your home - and built to support today's ever-changing requirements


Home Video With (or Without) Surround Sound:  flat panel TV's of all sizes, and front projection systems for that real home theater experience


Home Audio:  from hearing your smart phone's music everywhere, to state-of-the-art streaming from the cloud, you can enjoy great-sounding music throughout your home


Home Automation and Control:  whether it's controlling your TV, your music, your shades, or your lighting, we make it a one-touch affair, with reasonably priced custom control systems


Surveillance Cameras:  we have solutions for nearly every requirement, including super-simple smartphone apps that let you view your home from anywhere in the world


In-Home Communication and Access Control:  door and gate control - keyless, and with a smart phone at home and away - and intercoms of all types

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