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How We Do It


Casa Integration leverages over 25 years of comprehensive technology and program management experience in both the corporate and consumer arenas to make all of today's exciting home gear easy and accessible to you and your family. 



A Rational Approach to Home Technology




On larger projects, this is where we create a Low-Voltage Plan, which documents all of the low-voltage cabling that must be pulled for your home's technology.



On smaller projects, an installation might last a few hours, or a few days.  But on larger projects, our Installation will have these steps:

  • Rough-In:  installing brackets and enclosures that show the locations of items

  • Pre-Wire:  running the necessary cabling to those locations

  • Trim-Out:  putting in the jacks and wall plates

  • Initial Installation:  Internet, telephony, TV, etc. services go live

  • Final Installation:  installing electronics and mounting TV's



This is what separates the professional firms from the hucksters.  We are proud that virtually all of our business comes from referrals from existing clients.  That doesn't happen unless we take care of our customers.  As a Casa Integration client, we promise a response to your question or support issue within 24 hours.  Technology, no matter how good the product, or how well installed, can be complex and occasionally not work properly.  But we stand by our work in a way where those frustrations are something we deal with, not you. There's a complete summary of our service options here.

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