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Frequently Asked Questions


What if I don't sign up?


Your satisfaction with our services and the products we install remains as critical as always.  Please see this page for our service policies and your options.


Does this mean my broadband Internet service will always work?


No - if the Internet service to your home from your service provider is disconnected, we cannot fix or repair it - only your provider can.  But for those subscribing to our Premiere tier, the majority of problems are fixed automatically and without intervention by you or anyone.   And our Premiere clients have the option of a secondary Internet connection, assuring near 100% reliability.


OK, my Internet access seems slow, and the reports confirm it.  Now what?


That's the beauty of Casa Integration Managed Services:  you can now contact your service provider, armed with the facts, and insist upon getting what you're paying for.


What about security?  And privacy?  Can your system see what websites my family visits?


We take security very seriously, and our approach reflects that.  We use industry-standard protocols and methods that allow us to monitor what's happening in a secure fashion.  And we absolutely can not monitor the websites you and your family visit, nor see information that you are sending or receiving via the Internet.


How is this different or better than just using or something similar on a computer in my home?


The cloud-based aspect of our system is completely different than, and superior to, things like running on a device in your home. It runs every minute, 24x7, and gives a clear picture of what's happening at your home in terms of Internet connectivity.  Plus, our comprehensive reporting tools, which are available to both Basic and Premiere subscribers, are unique and not readily available elsewhere.


And while measuring your broadband Internet connection speed is definitely a part of our service, Premiere subscribers to Casa Integration Managed Services get free quarterly tune-ups and 4 hours of on-demand support or other technical services is included.   Please see this page for complete details.

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